First Post from Sam

Hi everyone, it’s me Sam.  I wanted to catch everyone up on what has been going on in the last few months with Rob’s Kids and our family.  Our first official fund raiser was in February and we had a great turn out, more than we all expected.  Thank you to many of you for your donations, time and support for us.  We had so much fun eating, dancing, learning new things, and talking.  We had so many donations for our raffle and Kit Andrews from Channel 12 came and spoke.  I made a lot of new friends.  We raised a little over $6000.00 that night to go toward our goal of $10,000.00 for our Cincinnati Children’s Walk for Kids this fall.

Our recent fundraiser was at the Lucky Duck Pub in Burlington.  We really enjoyed the food and will be going back.  They donated 10% of the sales that day to Rob’s Kids.  Thank you Lucky Duck!

Our next fundraiser is on June 12 at the Florence Freedom Ballpark.  We are selling vouchers for tickets and the game starts at 7:05.  Part of the proceeds will go to Rob’s Kids and we always have fun at the ballgame.

On April 2, my 14th birthday, my family visited Channel 12 News studio.  We met up with our friends Kit Andrews and Liz Bonis, but made new friends and got to stand in front of the green screen.  It was an awesome day.

I am finishing up 8th grade, 2 more weeks, and Emma is finishing 5th grade.  We both have made good grades this year and we are looking forward to summer break.  Emma and I both have been on running teams, Emma has been part of the Jaguar Running Club and I have been working with Girls on the Run.  I will run my first 5K on May 12.  That same night I have my 8th grade dance, I am really excited.  I will post photos of me all dressed up!

I am doing a lot of reading, running, and hanging out with my friends and family.  Our organization has happened a lot faster than I ever imagined.

It has taken a lot of work from my Grandma and I am so happy we are helping others.

I will catch up with you all again soon.  Love and thanks to everyone.

Your friend, Sam

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