Christmas in July

Merry Christmas Everyone!  It’s Christmas in July!

Hi, Sam here again with a summer update.  We have so much going on that our summer is flying by.

In June we had our Florence Freedom event and Emma and I got to throw out a first pitch.  That was super cool.  The players and employees of Florence Freedom were awesome in helping us and allowing us to raise money for Rob’s Kids.  We are getting closer to our goal of $10,000 for the Children’s Walk in October.  So many of our friends donated auction items and came to the game.  Thank you to everyone who helped us.

We also just celebrated Christmas in July with a dance, food, and gifts for the kids at Children’s.  It was so much fun, I didn’t dance much as my family has nicknamed me “Grace” for a reason… but all of those dancers and Ms. Holly and Mr. Bernie were fantastic to watch.  Emma and I sat on Santa’s lap, thanks Santa for coming out during the summer months.  He said hello to all of the kids and they all received a toy too!  We filled the floor of Mr. Brian’s truck up with toys everyone brought that night.  I can’t wait to take the toys to Children’s for the kids.  When I was there, a lot of times there were a few missing pieces to a game so new games will be so much fun for them.  I can’t say thanks enough to all of the people that keep supporting Rob’s Kids.

Emma and I have been very busy besides all of the Rob’s Kids events.  I made the varsity Color Guard for HS Band and have been practicing with my new team since June.  We practice 3-5 hours, 4 days a week or so.  It is hard work but I am having a blast.  I have made new friends and I am ready for 9th grade, high school!  But, my mom is not…  I have also kept busy with youth group studies, a reading list for school, and hanging out with my friends and family.  I have been to King’s Island a couple of times, and I love the Diamond Back (I get that from my Dad, Rob.)  I also have kept up with running and swimming.  Emma has been busy too.  She started gymnastics at Five Star and has been running and swimming too.  She is going into middle school this year and she is really excited.  Mom has already bought us new backpacks and school supplies… think she is ready for us to go back to school?

Finally, our family is getting ready to take a summer vacation to Florida.  We already have our swim suits, sunscreen, and beach towels in the suit case.  We can’t wait to put our toes in the sand, make sandcastles, and jump waves.    My favorite part of vacation is our family tradition of mini golf.  We will post pictures when we get back.

Ok, so, I better go for now.  Don’t forget the Cincinnati Children’s Walk coming up in October!  Please join our team and this year we have Rob’s Kids shirts.

Thanks again to all of our supporters.  We could not do all of this without you.  I love you all.  And big thanks to Grandma… she is amazing.  She is a lady that makes things happen.  Thank you Grandma.  We love you.

Your friend, Sam

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