I am Sam. I am a survivor. I suffer from Depression and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I am a patient at Children’s Hospital. On March 30, 2008 my Dad (Rob) took his own life leaving behind the survivors me, my sister, my mom, his parents, his brother and many more family and friends. In October 2010, I became very depressed and thought about taking my own life.  My mom took me to Children’s Hospital and I spent a week  in the Mental Health unit. In March 2011, I became very depressed again and had to spend another week in the Mental Health unit. There I met other kids like me. I also attended the day program at Children’s. Now I see a counselor and take medicine. Without the help from the doctors, nurses and counselors at Children’s. I might have made the same mistake my Dad (Rob) made. I am Sam. I am a survivor. I am powerful. I need you to help me with my mission to prevent other kids from going down the road I went down.

That is the reason that we will continue to walk each year with our “Rob’s Kids” team at Cincinnati Walks for Kids and donate all of our money to the Division of Psychiatry of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.